Neueste Weiß-LED Für GEFORCE GTX 1080 Leuchtende Desktop-Main Box Coolen Grafiken Benutzerdefinierte Support-Frame-Grafikkarten-Komponenten-Buchse

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Neueste Weiß Für GEFORCE GTX 1080 SEIN Leuchtende Haupt-Desktop-Box-Coole Grafiken Benutzerdefinierte Support-Frame-Grafikkarten-Komponenten-Buchse

  • Produkt-Typ: Grafikkarten Support Frame
  • Marke: Esloth
  • Paket: Ja
  • Farbe: Monochrom LED
  • Modell-Nummer: K5
  • LED-Leuchtende Farbe: Rot, Weiß, Grün, Blau
  • Mit range: Main Box SEINE Grafikkarten Support Frame
  • Logo Bild: Für die GEFORCE GTX 1080
  • Geben: Add-On-Karten,Grafik-Karten Support Frame

  • Paket-Größe: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm (1.97in x 1.97in x 1.97in)
  • Gewicht Des Pakets: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • Typ: Set

Stichwörter: geforce gtx, gtx m, gtx-Grafikkarte, Günstige geforce gtx, Hochwertige gtx m, China gtx Grafikkarte Zulieferer.

After i bought some gtx 1070 gpu stand, i wanted to buy one for my 1080ti build, but all the ti logo was sold out. After takling to the seller, he offered customization of the 1080 logo to 1080ti for a fee. Few weeks later it arrived, and the result was amazing, you cant see it was in graved a 2nd. time. Kudos for the craftsmanship and precision. And if your motherboard supports it, you can dim the light with dc fan voltage controler. 5*!

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