Baden Wasser bath toy Seestern BABY sassy Spielzeug Schwimm Spielzeug WJ083

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Waren], Seestern

[ Typ ] Badespielzeug, schwimmen Spielzeug

[ Package Size ] 16,5 cm × 7,3 cm × 15cm

[ Packliste ] starfish x 1, Corolla x 1, x 1 Krone

  • Marke: CIKOO
  • Für das Alter: 3-7 Jahre alt, 0-3 Jahre
  • Features: Bad
  • Verpackung: Falten
  • Material: Kunststoff
  • Modell-Nummer: WJ083
  • Alter: < 3 Jahre alt
  • Artikel: Spray Seestern
  • Geschlecht: Unisex
  • Geben: Wasser Sprühen-Werkzeug
  • Spezifikation: 15 * 16
  • Funktion: Baden
  • Warnung: Keiner
  • Kunststoff-Typ: ABS

  • Gewicht Des Pakets: 0.3kg (0.66lb.)
  • Typ: Stück
  • Paket-Größe: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)

Stichwörter: Badespielzeug, Schwimmen Spielzeug, Spielzeug schwimmen, Billig Bad-Spielzeug, Hochwertige Schwimm-Spielzeug, China Spielzeug Lieferanten schwimmen.

заказала parcel 11.11, shipped quickly, average дошла krasnodar 3,5 week. mint slightly came in box packed as is not good, not for yourself брали but we critical. if'll take better ask gift package. very interesting toy. star powered by 2 aaa batteries, battery compartment silicone has lining, so forth водичка does not fall, саморезах 4 keeps cover. and securely. asterisk itself, плаву keeps on when power on, water pump струйки served bottom through top. holes are under the angle, when power on that starts asterisk rotate. прочитала in one of the feedback, button is all the time to keep but it is not. it works on/off. also have nozzle 2 optional (pictured) by which (надевании) mode change and струек rotation. hope you was my feedback useful.
excellent! husband and baby and like, both игрались sitting :)
great toy bathroom delighted baby. packed well came. спасиьо seller
Che Gevara 891
all, thank you!
small sprocket. mint has come in, one piece поломана so. брызгала need to keep it. very convenient. packaging has been понадежнее desired. in transportation can very easy to break.

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